There was movement at the caravan… September (2016) Update

… for the word was passed around. Actually, that was me passing around the word. We managed back in July to purchase the required steel to replace the all but rusted out wall supports, and stuff just kept getting in the way of them being cut out and the new steel welded in.

So I did what any gal does in a crisis… I called Dad!

So, after a little under a year of just sitting there, a four hour drive on the part of my awesome Dad Ken, one busted up grinding wheel and a not so quick drive to the hardware store, the van had the rear drivers side rail cut out and a new piece welded in.

Alas, this is where we discovered the steel provider who so generously offered to cut the steel to length, only managed to get two of four lengths correct and we now have the awesome task of extending them. NOT HAPPY JAN. No, in case you’re wondering I didn’t write the measurements like a gumby!

wp_20160921_0021 I am pretty sure these have a greater difference than the 10mm difference they cut.  And yes, this is exactly the page I gave them to use. Anyway, Dad returned home at this point and the rest was up to Steve and I to wrestle with. However, now that some long overdue headway has been made we managed it rather well.

We had to greatly support the whole front drivers side corner, as once the remainder of the old rail was cut away there was quite literally nothing but the aluminium skin holding it together. These supports made things difficult to grind and weld around but Steve did a marvelous job, even going so far as burning himself on the freshly welded beam!

Now it’s my turn to get onto replacing the damaged timber framework, but that’s for another day.


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