This work on the van; taking something old and worn, rotten & rusted, decrepit & in a sad state of disrepair.

Dismantling as gently as possible, discovering both the treasure & damage within. All in order to strengthen or remove & replace the damaged parts, to build upon the treasure, that is, the strength that remains.

Restoring and reforming in much the same way as one does in counselling.

Muscles previously unused cry out in pain, hands scratched up and bruised from work requiring more vigorous effort, each representing our hearts and minds on our journey (the path) is hard & we wonder the worth of it all.

We cry at the damage worse than initially thought.

We try to blame others and we berate ourselves for foolish decisions and arguments.

This, is life.

In the end though we can look back and smile exclaiming, well done, we did good, I’m glad we stepped out & continued on toward our goal.


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