Caravan Rebuild. Exciting News – We’re Pregnant!

So sorry I’ve been so long in writing. Truth of the matter is that the rebuild has been halted, owing to the fact we are expecting a baby! At first the halt was simply because it was early days and I didn’t want to over do things, but then morning sickness took over. I’m only coming right now, and so I hope to return to work as soon as I can. Or as soon as Steve will let me!

We’re due around 6 weeks before Christmas, but I doubt I will get much if anything else done if the rebuild runs this far. I have in mind to replace the old window seals, surely that is light duty enough for a pregnant woman. Though I think I could probably do everything that I have done so far, except that is to continue hopping the floor rails or paint anything. Surely the floor could go down and I’d be allowed to proceed? There are a few more wall framing pieces to insert before we move on to the front and rear walls. And then the ceiling. Then come electrics, insulation and wall panels.

I know I’ve missed the latest update between the last and now. Unfortunately I don’t know where I left the list of things we did. The joys of pregnancy brain I guess. When I find it I will upload. Till then stay tuned I will be back 🙂


Featured image is our rather excitable, totally disinterested in doing what the sonographer wants, overly dramatic with the back of its hand on its face, baby.
No, we aren’t finding out the sex of this cherished bub, we found out for all the others and so decided upon liking the idea of a surprise.


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