I have a dream

If I can borrow someone else’s words for a moment… I have a dream… A dream to help people, I mean REALLY help people. I’ve had an idea running around my head for many years now and this blog is the start of my outpouring.

First things first, I am a counsellor, but I haven’t always been. I’ve seen the struggles of life first hand and want to do something about the struggles others are going through, counselling is only a part of it, more on the rest later.

I was having trouble finding some place (other than my home) to counsel from, and the long and the short of it, I decided on a mobile office/counselling room that goes where needed. The search began for a suitable van, but with the backyard money tree failing to fruit I had to find one on a budget. I found this beauty…


Shh you, she might not look much but watch this space for all the rebuild details.
Little did the original builders know that this little Coronet van from Ballarat would be rebuilt and re-purposed for greater things.


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